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Cisco MDS- Clear all configurationon switch

The steps below are the process of clearing all zoning configurations on an CISCO switch. Note: Ensure this is a standalone switch; if it is connected to other switches in the fabric then you may potentially affect the entire fabric. 1. Firstly determine the names of the ac...

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XtremIO Architecture

XtremIO is an all-flash system, based on a scale-out architecture. The system uses building block, called X-Bricks, which can be clustered together to grow performance and capacity. XtremIO can scale-out from one X-Brick to six X-Brick cluster. Scaling the cluster doesn't requ...

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VMAX Architecture

Symmetrix Vmax is EMC’s reputable product.Compared to the previous models, VMAX has been optimized for increased availability,performance and capacity utilization on all tiers with all RAID types.VMAX’s enhanced device configuration and replication operations results in ea...

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Comparing EMC, HDS and NetApp block arrays

  EMC VNX EMC XTREMIO HDS HUS 100/VM NETAPP FAS NETAPP E/EF-SERIES Type Hybrid/All-Flash Hybrid Ground-up Design Hybrid Hybrid/All-Flash Hybrid Hybrid/All-Flash Hybrid Largest Flash Drive 800 GB eMLC 800 GB eMLC 400 GB eMLC 1.6 TB FMD (150)/3.2 ...

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