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SRDF – Step by Step Guide

Step by step SRDF configure  will be done based on following information. It is assumed that your  Symmetrix already dynamic SRDF enabled and there is no connectivity  probem with Sorce (R1) and Remote (R2) Symmetrix <RA-Group>   20 <RA Label>    RDFGROUP20 ...

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Setup NetApp Cluster-mode

Step: 1 Hardware setup a. Connect controllers to disk shelves (FC connectivity) b. NVRAM interconnect to high availability cable between partners (10GbE or infiniBand) c. Connect controllers to network such that each node have exactly two connections to the dedicated cluster...

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Cisco Switch: Reset the Management port

Reset the IP manageability please follow the steps below: 1. Set up a null modem (RS-232) cable to the maint port on the back of the switch. 2. Using Hyperterminal, make a connection using the COM port with the following settings: a. Bits per second 57600 b. Data Bits 8 c....

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Register host HBA initiators manually in a VNX array

1. Log in to the Unisphere. 2. Select the desire array from the Unisphere dashboard. 3. Select Hosts > Initiators. 4. In the Initiators view, select the HBA or multiple HBAs you want to register. Note: If Host Agent or Unisphere Server Utility is not installed on the host, and i...

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