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Brocade Command Line Interface

** Initial Switch Commands and Setup *** network IP interface settings ipAddrShowipAddrSet switch and chassis name switchName <switchname>chassisName <new chassisname> time, timezone and NTP date "mmddHHMMyy"tsTimeZonetsClockServer *** Domain, FCID Stuff *** Domains f...

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Few Data Ontap 7-Mode CLI commands for reference

General Commands setup (Re-Run initial setup) halt (Reboots controller into bootrom) reboot (Reboots controller back to Data Ontap) sysconfig -a (System configuration and information) java netapp.cmds.jsh (limited freebsd cli) storage show disk (show physical information about di...

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VNX – Useful NAS Commands

Verify ‘NAS’ Services are running: Login to the Control Station as ‘nasadmin’ and issue the cmd /nas/sbin/getreason from the CS console. The reason code output should be as follows (see detailed list of Reason Codes below): 10 – slot_0 primary control station 11 &...

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